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Where do I begin.....I am an addict! I have been clean for 59 days----WOW! It seems so much longer then that! My drug use began in high school (class of 85)----used mainly pill, some marijuana, crack a time or two, oh and opiates (I did mix these drugs with alchol)-----sigh! I ended up on Xanax and hydrocodone for about the past 3 years or so, I have had some memory loss, fortunately for me it is coming back piece by piece. There were serveral things that caused me to seek help, my fiance', my son and my youngest niece. All 3 of them played a large factor; they will probably never realize that they actually saved my life!

Psalm 34:5
“Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.” (NIV)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 77

Well it looks like it has been a few days since I posted on here......well it has been a very busy week.  It was the first week of school which meant getting up early and going to bed early----thank goodness it all went relatively smoothly----no arguing match about him being to tired to go to school or just not wanting to!  Last 2 days he even got up early so he could eat breakfast at school. 

Football practice is going a lot better!  Sean has finally figured it out somewhat!  He likes the physical part of it, not to keen on the laps they have to run but I doubt I would be either at 109+ outside.   When we went to practice on Tuesday he mentioned that everyone of them people were crazy because it is too hot to be outside!  Lol it was my thoughts exactly but I was not going to tell him that but mom and I did find about the only strip of shade that was out there even though Sean pleaded for me to set closer...uhmmm not going to happen until it gets cooler outside.

 The most stressful part of the week has probably been my niece Brinley, who I have talked about before, she is part of the reason I am here to post this blog.  She is at Cook's Children's Hospital again; went last night.  She is having a cardiac cath in the morning and soon will be having surgery #2.  Sigh, I so have no idea how my sister does it; I am not sure I could but we never know until we are in those shoes.  Will be going there once we know when she is having her surgery.

Almost forgot, my twins, Trip and Jacob live in Richmond, Va which had a earthquake early this week and now Irene is moving up the east coast towards them as I type.  I have been trying to keep updated on how they are.  Really worried and doing a lot of praying this week.  Faith in God :)