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Where do I begin.....I am an addict! I have been clean for 59 days----WOW! It seems so much longer then that! My drug use began in high school (class of 85)----used mainly pill, some marijuana, crack a time or two, oh and opiates (I did mix these drugs with alchol)-----sigh! I ended up on Xanax and hydrocodone for about the past 3 years or so, I have had some memory loss, fortunately for me it is coming back piece by piece. There were serveral things that caused me to seek help, my fiance', my son and my youngest niece. All 3 of them played a large factor; they will probably never realize that they actually saved my life!

Psalm 34:5
“Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.” (NIV)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 70

70 days sober----I really thought by now it would be better!  It seemed to be getting better but this week was like starting over again.....the twitching is back, anxiety level has increased, chest pain and difficulty breathing....yeah, it sucks......not liking anything right now!  Even cried over stupid things today which is actually a big improvement on that part because previously I felt NOTHING!  Could careless about what is going on with anyone or anything---at this point all I can do is pray to GOD things get better----I keep trying to have faith because it is the only thing I feel like I have at this point.....sigh. 

On a lighter note, took Sean to meet the teacher this afternoon and he appears to be excited about it now since he likes her.  This is her first year to teach....Heaven help her :)  especially with Mr. Chatterbox in there in her class!  He can talk 90 to nothing.  He ran out to the car and brought in his school supplies and put them in his locker----yes this year he actually has a locker instead of a cubby---how fun :)  She had cookies out for everyone and I guess suckers because he got one from someone.  Took me to see the gym (which I had already seen) but as long as he was excited about going back to school that was okay..... I will take some pics Monday of his first day of school.